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The Hope Strategy Podcast

May 19, 2021

Greg Trimble talks about the moment he decided to quit baseball as a career path and follow his heart towards other goals, his somewhat accidental fame among the early blog space, and his early steps towards creating Lemonade Stand marketing. Greg shares his thoughts on the compatibility of  pursuing a career and parenting, gratitude, and how to get better at writing. 

Highlighted Quote


I feel that if gratitude was more prevalent in our society we would shave off 80% of the problems that we have, just by exercising gratitude.

“Golden Years”

They always talk about your golden years as after your kids are at the house… I think that golden years are the years that you're with your kids that your kids are growing up. So I'd actually rather work harder on my career after they're out of the house than spend my entire life in the pursuit of worldly greatness or money 


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