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The Hope Strategy Podcast

Jun 2, 2021

Wade Eyerly talks about his upbringing and how moving around actually helped him learn how to “start” in any environment. Wade also shares his thoughts on what makes a good parent, and why intention is necessary in relationships. Wade talks about his ethos behind hiring and what makes a good candidate - especially in the start up phase. Wade also shares details behind some of his ventures like Surf Air and Degree Insurance, and talks about how he started out.


Highlighted Quote

“Figure it Out”

When I hire, I don't need the world's greatest accountant, I need an average accountant… anyone who can do the job… that's all I'm looking for from a competency standpoint. So if you come in and you've been an accountant for 10 years, you can do the job. The question is, can you get it done and figure it out? That makes you the person that can fit our team versus not. In startups that's incredibly important and it's not as important in big companies. there's nothing wrong going to Bank of America it is a fine career choice… but in your as you sit in your desk, there is someone over your shoulder, who was in that just 18 months ago, so you can turn around and say “what do I do now?” and they'll have an answer... at a startup, there is no one there. If you have to come to me and say “what do I do now?” I have to stop what I'm doing, pull my eyes off the horizon as the CEO, and figure out what you need to do… and I consider that your job.








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